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This privacy policy describes the ways that WeTap collects user information, and how that information is stored and used. 

Location Services

Location services are used to determine where you are in relation to mapped drinking fountains, or in order to map a drinking fountain you have identified. Your location will never be shared with third parties. We do reserve the right to share the details of the drinking fountains you enter into WeTap with third parties, without any identifying private data.

Collection and Use

Only drinking fountain data, collected through this application, will be shared with third parties. We will never share your private information with a third party.

Tracking and Ads

We do not display ads. We do not track your movements or choices in order to advertise to you. Your information will not be used to market or promote products or services to you.


This application has built-in security in order to avoid the release of your private information and location to third parties.


Your information may be used in order for us to contact you directly. If you would not like to be contacted, we will respect your request.

For more information or to ask questions about our privacy policies, please be in touch.