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Read about WeTap in Mayor Garcetti Green New Deal

The Great Comeback of the Public Drinking Fountain:https://www.ladwp.com/ladwp/faces/ladwp/aboutus/a-water/newlink/newlink31?_adf.ctrl-state=1crekm4unm_60&_afrLoop=183763985316438  

Water works: Preserving water amenity accessibility in cities: https://www.smartcitiesdive.com/news/water-works-preserving-water-amenity-accessibility-in-cities/529550/

SMITHSONIAN: Public Drinking Fountains Are Disappearing, and That’s a Bad Thing by Marissa Fessenden

Washington Post: We don’t trust drinking fountains anymore, and that’s bad for our health by Kendra Pierre-Louis

KCRW: Find Free Water Anywhere, With New WeTap App by Caroline Chamberlain

Los Angeles Daily News by Larry Wilson: Tapped out — one woman’s crusade to save the drinking fountain

USA News: Tapped out — one woman’s crusade to save the drinking fountain

WN.com: Tapped out — one woman’s crusade to save the drinking fountain

KCRW: A Campaign to Revive Public Water Fountains Aims to Reduce Use of Bottled Water by Frances Anderton

Annenberg Media Center: ‘Making L.A.’: Designers and Civic Leaders Transforming Los Angeles by Katherine Flynn

KCRW: Which Way, LA? Tap vs. bottled water / Evelyn Wendel

KCET: Putting Tap Back on the Map: The Benefits of Public Water

GOOD: Thirsty? Ditch the Plastic Bottle With This Drinking Fountain App

Global Resilience System: Thirsty? Ditch the Plastic Bottle With This Drinking Fountain App

My Plastic Free Life: Searching for free drinking water? WeTap can help.

Ban The Bottle: WeTap Puts Drinking Fountains Back on the Map

LA Curbed: Councilman Wants to Bring Public Water Fountains Back to LA 

CBS Local: City Council Panel Eyes Plan To Bring Back Public Water Fountains 

Planet Forward: Green News Weekly – MIT Modular EV, 6 Places Cars Are Banned, Drinking Fountain App and Canada’s First Biofuel flight

Vita.it Societa: Un’app per mappare le fontanelle d’acqua

The Eastsider LA: Councilman wants to put more drinking fountains on tap

The Thomas Collective Blog: New App to Help You Drink (Water) Responsibly

Clean Plates: Anti-Bottled Water WeTap App Finds Closest Water Fountains

Gigabiting: Bottled Water Comes Out Swinging

Raising Jane: Know Your City

Brng It: Water, Water, Every Where

Surge: Take Back the Tap

Drinking Water Fountains: Five Best ‘Drinking Water’ Apps For Your Phone

Weekly Round Up: Healthy Recipes and Sustainable FoodHealthy Recipes and Sustainable Food

MNN – Mother Nature Network: It’s time to bring back the public water fountain


THE BOUNDARY LAYER – Running on Empty? A Helpful App Maps Water Stations

TWD Press Release – May Press Release

Tulane Press Release – September Press Release

LADWP  –  Plans to Install and Refurbish 200 Hydration Stations

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