“As a professor of Oral Health and Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, my research demonstrates that what is shared across the Internet often contradicts scientific consensus and current knowledge on a variety of health topics….Last year, we celebrated 70 years of community water fluoridation in the United States. Over 120 of the world’s leading health, dental, and medical organizations praise the success and benefits of fluoridation.”

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One thought on “Is Fluoridated Water Dangerous? By Dr. Brittany Seymour

  1. nyscof says:

    Modern science indicates that ingesting fluoride is unnecessary, ineffective, harmful, and unethical making fluoridation a 1900’s artifact that should be stopped and put in the museum of Public Health Blunders

    Fluoride is neither a nutriet nor essential for healthy teeth meaning consuming a fluoride-free diet does not cause tooth decay. Fluoride is a drug with adverse side effects. The FDA recently instructed a fluoride supplement supplier to cease selling them because the FDA has never approved fluoride for ingestion. The FDA regulates fluoride as a drug for topical application in toothpaste.

    rotten diets make rotten teeth and no amount of fluoride will change that

    tooth decay crises are occurring in all fluoridated cities, states and countries See

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