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John Kemmerer, Cal EPA, speech at Tap Water Day 2015


As the federal agency responsible for ensuring the safety of drinking water, the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency establishes protective standards for our tap water and oversees testing and management programs which provide confidence that our drinking water is safe.

By using refillable bottles…water is being conserved and trash is being reduced.  Did you know it takes approximately three liters of water to produce a one liter plastic water bottle?  This estimate takes into account the plastic production process.  Also, unfortunately, less than one-quarter of the plastic bottles used in the United States are recycled.  As anyone knows who has walked or biked along the Los Angeles River, or kayaked in the LA River here in the Sepulveda basin, plastic bottles are often discarded and end up in and along the River.  This trash can flow to the ocean, contributing to the world’s marine debris problems.

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