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EPA: Your local drinking water quality reports online.

In California, when first entering office, Governor Brown signed legislation stating “clean drinking water is a basic human right. Click here to read more.

Leno Bill 1413 reclaims making free fresh drinking water available to students. Click here to read more.

Los Angeles Council Member Tom LaBonge and Council Member Jose Huizar introduce the Motion to the Energy and Environment Committee to upgrade, restore and bring back public drinking fountains in public spaces in the City of LA. Click here to read more.

LADWP encourages it’s customers to use drinking fountains. Click here to read more.

LA Times: Not all schools provide good drinking water, study says. Click here to read more.

Fact Sheets: Water in Schools

Raw Deal:  School beverage contracts less lucrative then they seem. Click here to read more.

The NRDC: No one should assume that just because he or she purchases water in a bottle that it is necessarily any better regulated, purer, or safer than most tap water. Click here to read more.

Bottled Water Costs Consumers and the Environment. Click here to read more.

Care 2: Tap Water Is Cleaner Than Bottled Water (And Other Shocking Facts). Click here to read more.

Banning bottled water in National Parks. Click here to read more. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects our drinking water. Click here to read more. 

California Department of Public Health Drinking Water Program: California drinking water information



EPA: Bring Back the Water Fountain!

Climate Resolve: Making Southern California more livable in today’s changing world.

LA Water Keeper: Learn around water quality protection.

Clean Water Action: Clean, safe, affordable water and empowering people to make democracy work.

LA River: How much do you know about the LA River?

Food and Water Watch: Helping us manage essential resources sustainably.

Plastic Pollution Coalition: Adding plastic pollution to the forefront of global social, environmental and political discourse and action.

Tree People: Take responsibility for our urban environment.

Heal the Bay: Healing our California coast.

Clean Seas Coalition: Strengthen laws to reduce trash in California’s seas and on beaches.

Sierra Club: Inspired by nature, we work together to protect our communities and the planet.

E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation: Preserve and protect our biological heritage.

Pacific Institute: Solutions that advance environmental protection, economic development and social equity.