full_1335225417drinkingfountain-1When Los Angeles environmental activist Evelyn Wendel first learned about the ocean’s floating landfills several years ago, she started spreading the word like a reluctant physician in a hospital waiting room. “I tell people about the garbage patch,” Wendel says. “But I apologize when I do. I say, ‘I’m sorry to have to give you the bad news.’”

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3 thoughts on “Thirsty? Ditch the Plastic Bottle With This Drinking Fountain App

  1. Chuck says:

    Love the idea of WETAP.

    LA’s water may be fine as it comes out of the filtration system but by the time it comes out of my faucet, it isn’t fit for human consumption.

    Besides the skanky cold water I get directly from the LADWP, the large (tanker-truck sized) hot water system in my apartment (old hotel) spits out slightly orange-reddish hot water that’s super nasty.

    Great water can be had from the outdoor public fountain in Shasta, CA – don’t pass it by.

  2. Brian Smith says:

    Your Android link below doesn’t work. how can i get the app for android? I don’t see it in the play store

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